Introducing Cinelab's new pin registered DCS Xena Data scanner

Our new scanner was custom built by Digital Cinema Systems in LA. Cinelab offers up to 3K data scans for 16mm and up to 4K for 35mm films. We can currently do 3K pin registered data scans of 16mm/ S16mm/Ultra16mm film as well as 35mm 4-perf film. 35MM film can be scanned up to 4K resolution.

2-perf and 3-perf 35mm data scans and 24FPS CMX EDL scanning.
Check out our Data Scanning page for more information!

New Bulk Rate Information:

Cinelab is happy to work with indie filmmakers and thesis students. We provide you with high quality service while helping you complete your project quickly and within your budget.

About Cinelab:

We are a full service commercial motion picture film and video laboratory dedicated to providing premium quality service to professional, amateur and student filmmakers. We specialize in 35mm, 16mm and 8mm film processing, printing, SD and HD
telecine film-video conversion, production dailies, Pin Registered 2K Scans, film recording, and archival preservation. We give the filmmaker a high quality product at budget friendly prices whether you’re a professional director or a first time student. We have decades of experience working on projects ranging from commercial dailies to old 8mm home movies and everything in between.