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Shipping Your Film to Cinelab

Since Cinelab is located in Massachusetts, it is easy and convenient for you to ship your film quickly and cheaply to the lab without always needing to spend the extra cost on expensive express shipping. As you can see in the map on the right, anyone in most of the eastern half of the USA would have their UPS Ground package arrive at the lab within 1 to 3 business days for an average shipping cost of just $10. Compare this to a Next Day or 2-Day express shipment which could otherwise cost you between $20 and $60 or more to arrive at the same time as it would if you shipped UPS Ground.

When Shipping Your Film:
- Be sure your film cans or daylight spools are sealed securely in their cans, boxes or a light-tight container that is accurately labeled with the type of film it contains.

- Download, Print and Fill out our order form completely and legibly. Make sure to include it inside the package with your film.

- Stuff the package with newspaper or some kind of packing material so the contents of the package move around as little as possible during transit to the lab.

- When shipping from outside the USA write “FILM- DO NOT XRAY” somewhere visible on the outside of the package.

- Cinelab is closed on saturday and sunday, so it is not necessary to send a rush package to the lab for “Saturday delivery” as we will not receive it until Monday.

- We recommend shipping with UPS or FedEX when shipping to the lab overnight ship standard NOT Priority or First!! The lab opens at 10AM and early deliveries will be delayed!!

Getting Your Film Back
Cinelab will ship your film back to you using either UPS or FedEx. We typically do not ship using the US Postal service unless you provide return postage with your film when you send it to us.

If you include your email address in the space provided on our order form, we will send you an Email with the UPS or FedEx tracking number for your shipment when your order is completed.

If you shipped your film to the lab bundled with a group of student classmates, be sure to specify which address we will be sending the batch back to.


Our lab processing schedule is available on the main student page.

Shooting on a tight schedule? Click the discount express shipping tab at the top.
Cinelab makes it convenient and inexpensive for filmmakers with tight deadlines to have their projects shipped back to them quickly. With our discounted return shipping rates on overnight, 2-day and 3-day packages you can save upwards of 20-30% off standard FedEx list rates. Please refer to our Return Shipping Zone Map below to figure out exactly how much it will cost to express ship your package to you anywhere in the continental USA from Cinelab.


shipping table
In addition to inexpensive FedEx express shipping to anyone in New England, we can also ship UPS Ground. In this area UPS Ground packages arrive the next business day after they are shipped, and only cost a flat fee of $10 for most packages.

• If your order with Cinelab totals over $200 you can get FREE FedEx 2-Day shipping anywhere in the continental USA.

• Students can also save money with Cinelab in other ways. To find out more, visit our Student Page.