Bulk Rates for Indie Filmmakers and Thesis Students

Cinelab is happy to work with indie filmmakers and thesis students. We provide you with high quality service while helping you
complete your project quickly and within your budget.

Are you shooting a large 8mm, 16mm or 35mm project (under a single title)?

  • We can set you up with an account for your individual project
  • You can send small batches of film without having to worry about minimum charges
  • You can Take advantage of our "Over 2000ft volume discount" even if you are sending less than 400 feet.
  • We can supply you with cans, black bags and cores. Camera reports can be found our website

Your project must meet the following criteria:

  • You're shooting one 8mm 16mm or 35mm film title
  • The total amount of footage being shot under that title is over 30 Cartridges (8mm) 4000 feet (16mm) or 8000 feet (35mm)
  • If you are looking to process your film and go straight to a 2K/4K Data Scan, call Cinelab for a quote

If your project meets these criteria, contact us before when sending your order. Any minimum charges will be waived, and you'll
receive our 2000ft+ student package rates shown on page 1 of our Student Rate Sheet. If you are sending in less than 500ft per
month for one title, minimum charges will apply.