Cinelab Archival Services

Cinelab offers a complete and comprehensive solution for all preparation and processing of your film archive needs regardless of age and condition.

We make every effort to preserve as much footage, in the best condition as possible for every client. Our capabilities include all 8mm, 16mm, 35mm film formats and by end of 2018 we will offer 10K scans of 65mm/70mm. We offer Film to Film duplicates, both negative and positive, YCM color separation masters, 2K through 10K scans and 16mm and 35mm digital to film recording with our twin Arrilaser 4K recorders.
Our Our Data scanning will offer up to 5K full immersion liquid gate scans in 2018 on our HDR DCS Xena 5K data scanner.

If you are concerned with the condition and state of your film, we can offer advice to assist in your preservation effort. Should you have any questions regarding any of your archiving needs, please give us a call at 1-774-206-6427.

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