Cinelab Home Movie Services

If you have old home movies in film format, you have come to the right place! We transfer home movies for clients all over the Globe. It does not matter how old or what type of film. We have the capabilities to transfer all 8mm 16mm and 35mm film using the same commercial quality video transfer equipment we use to service feature films. Typical turnaround times are 4 to 8 weeks and additional work to fix badly spliced films may affect this

Cinelab will clean your film and transfer it to HD File format for you. We will then return your film masters and the HD Files and DVD copies to you. We offer 1080P HD files on a portable hard drive, thumb drive or upload plus DVD and BluRay available to you for the conversion of your old home movies. 2K through 5K transfers are also available.
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With Cinelab’s commercial quality telecine video
transfer equipment, we can help you share your
memories for years to come without having to
dust off that old projector ever again.