Super 8 MM

Cinelab runs 8mm orders of any size, from a single cartridge, student projects and weddings to major commercials TV projects and Feature Films. We are happy to help with your 8mm needs no matter how small, unusual or large scale.

We process all modern 8mm film stocks! Vision3 ECN, B&W Reversal (Incl. Fomapan) and E6 Ektachrome color reversal. Each process runs in it's own dedicated film processor for maximum availability of processing.

We are familiar with all 8mm shooting formats, Super-8, MAX-8, Standard-8 and Ultra-Pan 8


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8mm film scans
We dedicate a DCS Xena 4K scanner to HD, 2K, 3K Overscan and 4K 8mm scans of the highest possible quality for each scan resolution.

For Special projects and film restoration we offer 8mm scans up to 6K and liquid gate 6K on the 6.5K Xena
See Data Scans page for more info

Turnaround TImes:
Cinelab develops S8MM ECN Vision film daily B&W 8mm weekly and E6 bi weekly or on request. Turnaround for S8mm developing with a scan is 7-15 Work days from arrival at the lab, Archival Scans, Home Movies and films with old splices and other issues are typically 4-8 weeks.

Rush fees:
Same day process & front of line scanning +$250 ship rush jobs to the lab standard overnight!

*All times subject to maintenance* For Same day rush orders contact the lab

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